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Android Smartphone vs. Android Tablet: Which Do You Prefer?

”; Smartphones running the Android operating system have been the highest selling mobile devices last year. While their sale is projected to rise further, Android powered tablets have also become one of the most popular gadgets of the current mobile market. Largely owing to its larger screen size and having all the properties of a […]

Device Comparison: Android Television Boxes VS Android Television Dongles

You have two sensible choices when it comes to transforming the typical television set into an impromptu smart computer: an Android smart TV dongle or an Android TV box. These Android TV devices turn your television set into a makeshift computer setup in a few quick methods.   You have two sensible choices when it […]

Important things to consider while buying an android tablet

 Many issues related to the basic characteristics of the android tablet should be kept in mind in order to make a perfect decision about what type of android tablet would be more suitable for a particular person. While buying an android tablet you must make a list of important issues that you must consider when […]

Eonon Android Car GPS for Mazda 3 & Kia Sportage are Released in UK Warehouse

They’re awesome Android 4.4 Quad-Core Android Car DVD Player & GM Navigation with instant response and incredible performance! Today, great news to tell you that we got 5 star reviews from resellerratings site now. GA5198F Android Car DVD Player review.       Hi friend, nice day! Great news for Mazda 3 2004-2009 and Kia Sportage Series […]

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