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The internet is full of speculation on exactly what the specification of the forthcoming iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S will be.  As yet the people at Apple have made no official announcement but the general consensus is that we may see this model towards the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012.  At present however the latest handset that is available is the White iPhone 4, a model that sports stunning looks and some great features.  SO what can we expect to see on this forthcoming phone and how exactly does it compare with what is on offer on the current Apple release?The screen is one area where it is believed Apple may make some changes.  Since the very first generation iPhones the models have always incorporated a 3.5 inch display.  Over the years this display has seen some great improvements with the White iPhone 4 currently offering an unrivaled resolution of 960 x 640.  This screen is known as the Retina display and is regarded as the best currently available thanks to its ability to pack more pixels per inch than your own eye can detect.  The iPhone 5 has a hard act to follow here so we can expect it to offer something quite breathtaking.  It is believed the new handset will offer a contour display similar to the Google Nexus S to enable the phone to sit more naturally against the side of your face.  With regards to size the general consensus is that Apple will increase this for the first time so we should see the new phone shipped with a display of around 4inches.  This increase will have a down side and that is that the phone will inevitably be larger, something which may not appeal to the legion of consumers who currently own the present model.Another huge improvement we gained with the White iPhone 4 was in the performance department.  This model is fitted with the highly impressive 1Ghz A4 processor chip which effectively handles multi tasking and makes the speed of the phone lightning fast.  Recently we have seen a number of high end handsets introduced that incorporate a dual core chip which further improves the phones multi tasking capabilities and Apple may follow the crowd and introduce a similar chip on the forthcoming phone.  Despite not being the highest resolution camera available the iPhone 4 is regarded as one of the best quality thanks to the sensor quality and the addition of an impressive LED flash.  To keep up with their rivals however it is anticipated that the iPhone 5 will sport an even better 8 mega pixel camera together with a boost on the video recording facility to enable it to shoot 1080P full HD footage.These are the changes that are generally believed will occur on the iPhone 5 however it does not detract from the fact that the White iPhone 4 is an exquisite phone.  The lack of an official release date may not deter to many consumers for opting for the current handset, especially with the shorter contracts that are currently being offered meaning there is also opportunity to upgrade much sooner.The White iPhone 4 And The HTC Sensation are available now.

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