Samsung Victorious over Apple this Time Around


The lawsuits between Samsung and
Apple have been going on for years. Previously Apply succeeded in patenting
certain technologies that Samsung was using without permissions; but now,
Samsung has evened the playing field by beating Apple in a lawsuit that may
cause serious damage to the company’s sales.

According to the latest ruling,
Apple violates some of Samsung’s patents with older versions of its iPhones and
iPads. Now, Apple cannot legally import or sell AT&T-compatible models of
the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3, the iPad, and the iPad 2 in the United

Apple’s newest products like the
iPhone 5 and the fourth-generation iPad are not affected by this ruling and can
still be purchased legally in America because the technology is different. In
the older models, the phones are assembled outside of the country and the
technology violates Samsung’s patent for encoding mobile communications.

There were other patents that
Samsung had accused Apple of violating; however, the court ruled did not find
the same evidence. Despite it being only a partial win for Samsung, it is still
a major one.

The battle is not over of course.
Apple has the option to appeal with the Federal Circuit, which it has already
stated that it will. President Obama can also save Apple by vetoing the
decision within the next sixty days.

Apple is very unhappy with the
outcome of this case. A large argument of the company’s legal team was that
Samsung had agreed to license the violated patents to anyone for a reasonable
fee. It feels that this is just a tricky way of decreasing Apple’s sales in
order to compete more effectively.

In 2012, the California courts
ruled in favor of Apple when it agreed that Samsung had infringed on Apple’s
patents in its use of the double-tap zooming and scrolling software features.

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