Samsung Armani: Defines the excellence


Samsung Armani is a designer set which brings mobile telephony
features on a wide touchscreen. The phone is considered as the best
companion for its users, even when they are on move.

addition to the fashion set by the Samsung Armani phones, it has
become the latest mobile manufacturer to bring together advanced
mobile telephony and touchscreen technology. Running up in its own
style-savvy Giorgio Arman, an Italian fashion house has embraced the
iconic handset. Not surprisingly, the Giorgio Armani in collaboration
with Samsung phone has drawn plenty of comparisons with other
fashionable phone from varied brands. The Samsung Armani feature set
is pitched at a mid-tier Samsung Ultra level. The widget squeezes a
digital camera, music player, internet accessibility and other
applications into its slim aluminum stainless steel frame. Apart from
the multimedia capabilities, the OS is the dominant aspect of this

Armani phone from Samsung is a slim, neat and tidy design with
dimensions of 87.5 x 10.5 x 54.5mm and weighs 85 grams including the
fitted battery. This slim phone can slip smoothly into any pocket or
purse. With the ergonomic keypad and SamsungÂ’s touch-operated Croix
user interface, the users enjoy high-profile tasks with ease. The
QWERTY based keyboard is well situated under the touch screen and can
be easily slid out when needed by the user. Its clean lines and
stylish yet subtle bronze-grey finish on beautiful silver and black
coloured casing, usually attracts the prospective buyers.

front panel is dominated by a large 2.6 inches screen. The wide
screen is capable of displaying up to 262,144-colour with resolution
of 240 x 320 pixels. A high screen resolution is endowed with high
quality touch screen controls. The users enjoy viewing various mobile
telephony applications, simple text, vibrant screen-savers and
wallpapers on the wide touch screen.

this stylish phone, the users can listen to music with the built in
music player and radio feature. The music player supports some of the
best formats which include MP3, AAC and AAC+. Not only this, the
users can download ringing tones in polyphonic or MP3 sound. This
advanced phone allows you to listen the music with wireless
connection, as it supports Bluetooth with A2DP. This technology
connects the Samsung Armani wirelessly to a set of Bluetooth
headphones. Adding more to the multimedia basket, the Armani phone
comes with the best imaging features. The built-in camera can be used
to capture a quick snap, whenever the users feel the need. An
integrated 3 mega pixels digital camera comes with some of the best
features such as digital zoom and flash option. On this device, the
users can capture, store and share their photos with friends and
family members. A large touch screen acts as a viewfinder for the
capturing. The built-in camera can record moving footage and supports
video recording capabilities.

Armani phone from Samsung supports fast and efficient wireless
connectivity options with EDGE and Bluetooth technologies. With
wireless Bluetooth connection and cabled USB, the users can transfer
files with other compatible devices. The handset covers a tri-band
network and provides seamless connection, even while you are roaming
in Europe and the USA.. The users can access the World Wide Web with
the help of WAP browser and enjoy a XHTML web browsing experience on
their handset.

and Memory:On
a single charge, the phone supports up to 220 hours of standby
battery time or up to six hours of talk time, depending on the
features used by the owner. The Samsung
comes with 60 MB of built in memory which can
expanded further with the help of MicroSD™ memory card. Therefore,
according to user’s storage requirements, one can store varied amount
of multimedia content.

important features:The
built-in caller identification feature allows the user to assign a
photo or image to a contact in the user’s phone book. According to
the gaming taste, one can download games from the internet, which are
ready & waiting to be enjoyed. The handsfree speaker frees the
users from holding in the hand. For day to day activities, the Armani
supports calendar, calculator, currency convertor and world clock.

conclude, it can be said that with this phoneFree Web Content, the users can meet
their various communication and entertainment needs.

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