iPhone or Unknown Cell Phone?


Recently I was planning to buy a new cell phone for myself since my NOKIA 2730 is too old to work anymore. Some friends suggested me to buy an iPhone 3GS. But some said that it is no need to buy the most functional cell phone if you do not need such functions. I thought to buy a cool iPhone in the past, but I hesitated after searching on the Internet. I found tens of functional smart phones with competitive price.

If you were me, would you like to buy an iPhone 3GS or buy an unknown smart cell phone? I was not the biggest fan of iPhone. But I thought it was so cool to own such a cell phone. But consider with the multi-functions and pleased price, I thought the unknown cell phone seems good as the iPhone. And I concluded my friendsÂ’ opinion as following.

iPhone Fans

iPhone is the coolest cell phone in the world. And it is also the most advanced one in the world. It is designed with well build and advanced technology to please you. And Apple has been one of the best cell phone producers in the world. They can give you best quality guarantee.

And it becomes a trend to own an iPhone especially among the young generations. The girls may pay more attention to you since you using such a cool cell phone. It is worthwhile to buy an iPhone with a higher price. You must find that it is worth more than the money you paid.

On the other hand, you life will be much easier when using such an advanced the cell phone. You may found what the unknown brand cell phone claimed is rubbish. You must be quite honor about that you own such an advanced cell phone. And you must satisfy what Apply offered you. You may regret that you never own a real iPhone when you are old.

Unknown Cell Phone Fans

It is no need to buy such an expensive cell phone. You may find there are so many good cell phones with good appearance and multi-functions. And the most important thing is that they are several times less than the iPhone.

And you may be more carefully than usual since you bring a newest iPhone with you. You may afraid that the thief is following you when shopping with your girlfriend. You can not deny that you must be saver with an unknown cell phone.

And you may save a big money to do whatever you want since you choose the unknown cell phone instead of the iPhone.

Or you may find the most similar one to the iPhone. You may find it is all the same as the iPhone. Not the only appearance is similar to the iPhoneHealth Fitness Articles, but also the functions are nearly the same to the iPhone. You must be excited when comparing it to the real iPhone. You must be crazy about it.

Still now I could not make a decision that which one I should buy. Maybe I will choose iPhone 3GS at last. Maybe I have a try to buy an unknown smart phone. Would you give me more suggestions to help me to make a decision?

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