iPhone 5 – Specs and Rumors


Apple continues to give us upgrades and enhancements to its iconic device. We simply can’t wait to hear and see the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. The following are list of expected features on the latest iPhone. Read on.

Processing Power – There are ongoing rumors about Apple using the A5 dual-core processor. If this is true, then this will be the fastest iPhone to date. If you are familiar with the iPad 2, then this is the very same speedy and powerful processor that runs on the said tablet. Again, if the rumor is true then this is an improved and enhanced iPhone. Expectations are also high when it comes to the phone’s RAM and overall storage space.

Camera – There are some rumors about the phone’s camera. They say that the handset will ship with an 8MP camera. We all hope that Apple will make it bigger than 8MP. With Nokia 808 PureView’s whopping 41MP camera, Apple should consider upping its camera for the iPhone 5. Also, an improved LED flash is expected from this new handset.

Design – We all love the iPhone 4 for its industrial look. This is the very same reason why the iPhone 4S retained the original iPhone 4 look. But we are hoping that the latest model will be using a different look and feel. A tiny if not major cosmetic change on this handset is highly anticipated. A bigger screen for one is expected on this handset. They can also replace the glass back with a new metal back. Things like these are what people are asking for. It is only up to Apple to finally confirm or deny rumors about the phone’s new design.

Though the phone’s actual release date is still months away, it hasn’t stopped Apple’s fan base from thinking about what features it will come packed with.

Many 4G Android phones are out in the market today. Sadly, Apple is still yet to release an LTE enabled iPhone. But the good news is, after the release of the new iPad, you can sit back and relax and expect the next handset to feature 4G.

Good news is that FaceTime will now run over a 4G network. Despite of all of the rumors that we are seeing right now Apple is certain to pack the iPhone 5 with a 3.5″ Retina display. Yes, this is the very same display that you have witnessed on the 4th Generation iPhone and the 4S. As alwaysFree Web Content, the screen size is a topic for a heated discussion of the next handset from Apple. But it is unlikely for them to change the current display and screen resolution.

These are speculations and specs of the iPhone 5.

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