Can Samsung Be the Next Apple?


is the number one in the electronic devices field with no doubt.
However, Samsung, in the past few years, achieved really great
performance. Can Samsung become the next Apple? And Why Samsung will
be the next Apple? Please read this article.

almost ten years, I go to CES every year. Every booth and all the
things that producers do in CES have one goal: help company to build
a system that attract customer from their deep heart. To achieve this
every company try their best every year and the result always let
them down.

Samsung is exception. As we all know that, in the past few years,
Apple build their own ecosystem, including iPod, iTunes, iPad and
Mac. However, Samsung is different from it. Samsung is much more
richer than Apple. It is all-clusive. Let me show you some number of

have been the leader of TV for 6 years and in Nov. 2011, Samsung sell
2 Tvs in one second, but only a small part of the TV sold are smart
TV. Till 2012, all the new smart TV of Samsung will achieve
interactive without set-top boxes. This not only means that Google
and Apple will have new competition in smart TV, it’s very difficult
to sell 2 Tvs in one second for both Google and Apple, but also
Apple’s smart TV project will meet very strong challenge from

the aspect of smart phone, Samsung sell 60 million smart phones in
2011. It’s not surprise me, because Samsung is good at use their own
operation system to sell smart phone. Till now, Samsung has already
been the number one smart phone and TV producer. In addition, Samsung
also produces Tablet PC, washing machine and software and so on. So
Samsung has built their own ecosystem that full of energy.

the release of iPod, in the market of MP3 player, there are some
producers, but none of them has a nice performance. As a result of
that, people think that this market does not have much potential. Now
there is a market of smart TV, many people know Samsung smart TV
first in the last quarter of 2011. In the beginning of smart TV’s
development, many producers’ sale performance can not be accepted. As
a daily electronic equipment, consumers seldom change their TV.
Because they will out of date, if you do not use the latest one. So
many family will not change their TV until their TV broken. This is
one of the reason why Apple does not release their smart TV. They
know that consumer will not change their TV every year.

not sure that if Samsung will be success in smart TV. In the trend of
innovation that lead by Apple, many traditional producers can not
follow the step of innovation. If Apple release the smart TV soon, it
is possible that Samsung will be forgotten by consumer. The some
thing happened before many times. While, if Samsung mobile phone,
Tablet PC and Samsung smart TV can interactive without any
obstruction, I think many family will choose Samsung as their smart
TV, if they have one of the above device from Samsung.

will work hard to achieve this, but there will be many difficulties.
Samsung produces many other things, such as display, printed circuit
board, set-top boxes and so on. While Apple need to outsource many
parts of their products. Under this condition, the price of Apple’s
smart TV will much higher than Samsung’sFree Reprint Articles, especially when Apple need
to buy parts from Samsung.


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