Day: February 14, 2020

Shopping for Samsung mobiles online securely

”; Numerous online stores are opened online. But you should realize that not all of them are worthy of your trust. Some of them may have the potential to provide you fake Samsung mobiles. As the price of Samsung mobiles is expensive, you will suffer huge money loss if you get a fake Samsung mobile […]

Be The Proud Subscriber Of Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung is known to be a very exemplary manufacturer of excellent mobile phones. Whenever any gadget with the tag of Samsung brand gets released, the eyes of customers get strained in the direction of mobile phone markets to strike the most suitable deals available for the device. Samsung Galaxy S is […]

iPhone 5 – Specs and Rumors

Apple continues to give us upgrades and enhancements to its iconic device. We simply can’t wait to hear and see the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. The following are list of expected features on the latest iPhone. Read on. Processing Power – There are ongoing rumors about Apple using the A5 dual-core processor. If this is […]

The Samsung Galaxy S Is A Feature Packed Smartphone

Samsung has recently released what is arguably one of its most technologically advanced smartphones, the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S. Boasting the versatility of the Android OS (v2.1) coupled with a powerful 1 GHz processor, it provides a perfect platform for expansion and customisation. With all the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern […]

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